Tanah Lombok barat Private Island di Gili Nanggu Sekotong T608

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Tanah Lombok barat Private Island di Gili Nanggu Sekotong 

Lokasi : Gili Nanggu Sekotong 

Luas : 125,000 M2 

Harga : Rp. 210,000,000,000/global ( USD $ 15jt) 

Description :

- The island offers a variety sandy beaches, rocky outcrops & 3 hills

- Vibrant coral reef with abundant marine life

- Existing 3* Property including turtle sanctuary with active rescue & release program

- Island has been rezoned a tourism area

- Environmental lisence approve a master plan

- Construction permits (IMB) granted for island

- Construction permits (IMB) for overwater villas can be applied for if required

- Licensed underwater pipeline supplying fresh water

- Development ready

- Includes 3 mainland parcels

- Connection to mainland power grid possible